Teleporting Rigid Axis in OE-Cake is made possible by setting the Parameters staticPressureFlag to 1, and staticPressureCoefficient to a very high number (1<x≤100), and placing a square or rectangle of Rigid Axis inside a wall. The Axis will teleport to another place on the screen, then it will teleport back inside the wall, then back to the other place on screen.

Elastic Teleportation. In the Parameters Window, change ElasticCoefficient to -0.5. All elastic materials will disappear. When ElasticCoefficient is turned back to the default value of 0.5, all of the elastic pieces will warp onto the screen. If the elasticCoefficient is left at -0.5 for too long, every particle in the lattice of the Elastic object(s) will gain spin when the Parameter is turned back to 0.5. The elastic object will be Spin-Charged (see Spin-Charged Elastic) , and every individual particle spins and distorts the overall shape of the object. The object permanently shakes and vibrates uncontrollably as a result. As long as it is attached to the Elastic, An object will teleport with it.


The ζ-Space (or Zeta-Space) is a hypothetical "dimension" within the sandbox. Physicaly, it is located in the four corners, outside the sandbox.

When using the Teleportation trick, Blur lines from elastic particles can be sen flashing on the edges of the screen in Blurred Circles rendering mode, (kind of) confirming the Existance of the ζ-Space.

Also, when ElasticCoefficient is turned back to the default value of 0.5, the object(s) always come from a corner in the sandbox.

Note about ζ-Space: Probably doesn't exist, the effect is likely caused by strange Elastic values causing it to push out very hard, generally splitting the particles between the four corners.