A String Knot is a strange tangled form of the Material String formed by Replacing a Compressed particle, usually Powder, into Rice (which contains Joints (or j-data) from its' Elastic attribute), and then in turn Replacing it into String, changing the topology[1] of the joints from unlinked (Rice) to linked (String). Not all Compressed particles will form knots or even stable shapes, however. The form of a String Knot is related to how many particles were used to create it. A compressed String particle with particle number 101p (101 particles smushed into the space of one) will glitch and explode out of bounds upon contact with another object, and can only be seen as spastic lines flashing across the screen with Blurred Circles (View Mode). On the other hand, using 56p compressed particle will result in a spinning circular loop, and a 112p compressed particle will result in a vibrating knot. A simple addition or subtraction by 1 can result in wildly different shapes. 113p will generate a wriggling 1p thick noodle shape, somewhat resembling normal String, although actually being nearly 3 times as dense as a regular String of the same length, while 111p makes an unstable shape that explodes out of bounds.