March 9, 2016

This page is considered outdated but has been left untouched because many people put a lot of effort into it. Please do not take it too seriously. There are only so many useful combinations of elements and most of the ones on this page do not add anything to the game.

Focus on engineering with the basic materials, not chemistry.


Recipes are combinations for use in Mix Mode. Listed here will be these combinations, listed by their base.

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Outflow (O) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
UORINDESTRUCTIBLE SOLID!! - Spanish: solido indestructible pero si destrulle a los demas
DEADLOX Odd black mochi-looking stuff that acts like a black hole.
QRSEBMRPGMKVTDLF@HCOJUINDESTRUCTIBLE SOLID!! - Spanish: a diferencia del UOR este no destrulle ningun otro material
QRSEBMRPGVTDLFCIOJUVery weird thing. Gooey, absorbs heater and destroys fires. Goes freaking crazy when touched with anything. Auto-expandable. It like gets bigger and shit.
POIQauto expandable burnable acid - Spanish: acido abrasivo autoexpandible
ECOLIreacts with mochi, absorbs everything except cooler, outflow, light, gas, rice,elastic, brittle. spawns black liquid unless submurged in the same liquid.
BLOBANDTEXTUREoutflow that can be controlled and go out off the screen (it can alsow pass through outflow)
GHOSTAbsorbs ANYTHING Completely.
OICreates deadly liquid very fast. Just try it in zero gravity!
XBOCMakes liquid outflow, who outflows with everything


OIMCreates a deadly membrane around itself.
OMFGCreates a strange blob that floats, sucks in water, but falls when fire hits it.
OIMEUControllable and more flexible version of the OMFG.
OTMWPSolid, static outflow that explodes on contact with fire.
OGKiller Gas
OGIWKiller Gas Emitter
OYA deadly semi-solid mochi-like substance.
OJSIMPSONSeems OK till it hits something and then it explodes (lots of lag); probably most explosive material. Reacts strangely to rigid.
OOPSIEA solid material that produces a flat-out retarded amount of itself upon impact. Insanely explosive.
SOULEATERPretty much User's/Rigid/String/Outflow.
OMGHAXZORZRigid, hot, and ignores gravity.
PEONISuper liquid outflow spawner!
ORGYIgnores gravity!
UNTITLEDFast expanding icelighting substance.
OHMYGODLight, flying material. Drops to the ground once any material comes in contact with it.
CHEESECAKEISAWESOMEUse arrow to pull out infinite amounts of heater-mochi-outflow stuff.

Wall (W) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
OHMYJESUSLiquid which products fire. When you burn it... just try. Absorbs any liquid.
WHATSUPdisappearing material
WICreates a liquid form of the "wall" material. Cannot be burned or condensed.
NONFICTIONBlue tensile like stuff, when you set it on fire...
WUOdd controllable material. Can go through anything, Outflow doesn't destroy it, it can go off the screen and back fully intact(with drain off).
WEHIProduces Super-hot liquid. This makes a good shooting mechanism in Zero Gravity.
WTHISpews out blobs of liquid fire.
WHUTWall form of fire. (@). Can be moved with right/left/up/down arrow keys.
WINDYForms snow barrier around itself, but spouts WINDY Juice when in contact with fire.
WJA 'heavy wall' that is much harder to penetrate than the standard one.
WARLOCKActs like Outflow, but does not absorb User.
WAWGWAN A solid that explodes when moved or tampered with.
WIOA wall that spawns liquid outflow, see IO_Effect
MUCUSExtremely sticky wall, Adhesive
WHIRLPOOLImmediately explodes after being drawn
QWEPJUAt first glance it looks like a normal wall, but if you mix it with the same substance, well I'll let you see!
QWERTYUIOPUser-controllable wall that secretes a grey, mochi-like substance when moving. Both the wall and goo act like outflow for everything except water and fire. Water makes the goo turn partially black, fire makes it explode.
WYGRVLIKA wall which inflows some kind of strange snow, funny about it is if you spray water over it and then sweep it away with the right click it goes spiderman
YOWA grey wall which scorches realistically
YOWFA gray wall which scorches realistically, will burn like fuel if there is too much fire. Change color to brown and it makes a good tree trunk or wood.
WPQuick Fuse. Will burn quickly. Useful for setting powder bombs and other substance mixed materials that explode.
VAGINAA cloud that rains fire!

Rigid (R) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
RESIDENTA solid which spurts out some odd liquid.}
RGPale green rigid that does not react with gravity. If something knocks it, it drops down slowly like gas.
SKYDOESMINECRAFTWeird black stuff that also gives off a black goo.
RingSimilar to RG, but is also a gas inflow.
RMXRigid Axis which is the color of Mochi. Objects stick to RMX if they fall down onto it.
RMHThis recipe has the characteristics of Heater, except that it drops down to the ground like Fuel.
GHOSTDisappears immediately after being drawn!
ROTFLBlack fuel (coal). It turns red and dissolves if heated.
RUBIDIUMa grey block, that reheat fire.
RPGSolid stuff that bounces around, floats, and explodes like powder.
RTFHGAny material containing this combination will generate many Baker-Bertrand particles.
RFPRigid and explosive like powder; gray.
STAIRDISMOUNTWeird grey solid that spins like crazy on touch.
SMFGooey Fuel That is very cool when it burns
LEETA liquidy blue substance, immune to anything, and sucking in water.
XNDYWSONA gray material that eats hard materials slow and gives a cool effect when fire is poured of almost like it carbonizes!!!

WANK Rigid that has properties of ice.
RAVEPARTY White solid, curves into itself seconds after creation. Explodes on contact with fire.
TERRORRigid outflow.
DICKTRACYRigid, creates gas that turns into Tensile when heated\burned.
PENORGreen elastic that starts vibrating when on contact with a wall. Can explode.

Brittle (B) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
BIBLESelf spawning light blue powder that regularly shoots powder into the air for the first few seconds (until it settles).
BURNTTOASTOutflow with the properties of rigid. Will NOT take in solids (Rigid, Jet, Fuel etc).
BOMBA big blob that has the same properties of outflow. Very good at cleaning other materials (does not have the characteristics of an actual bomb).
BREAKABLEA material that floats on water useful for boats
BLEACHBurns fuel and ignites powder, BUT condenses water vapour!
BADASSTrampoline type substance. All materials stay on top of it, try putting water on it.

BEA liquid like solid, so a soquid
BURNBABYa cream rigid substance. changes colour to pink in contact with fire
KINGOFKINGSA wiggly black substance that turns into fire when it comes into contact with fire.

Powder (P) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
POLSKOJumping powder.
PINKGreen self-creating stuff.
PANTHERStrange disappearing material.
PWNAGEA wall-like substance that acts like a fuse when lit
TESTRECIPEGenerates large amounts of explosive cooler-powder
PIEFloaty blob that spews massive quantities of explosive goo.
PSEUDOEPHEDRINEA grey solid that produces bright red liquid outflow.
PUTIVRESRigid element that inflows a mochi-y substance. If lucky, it will even squirt that thing
HPA powder that instantly disintergrates.
PEDOOutflow that bounces around like EPICFAIL but will also explode.
CRAPBlue bouncy thing that immediately explodes after touched by fire.
EPICFACEExplosive powder that spawns for a couple of seconds but eventually stops.
VISHCEMRISTFWeird stuff that takes a while to burn up.
PRATFALLERVibrates and bounces violently, even in zero-gravity; explosive.
PROGA really weird, grey solid material that acts like wall at first, yet when hit by anything acts like it's in zero gravity and floats around. It absorbs liquids and seems to become 'waterlogged' by them. When it's set on fire it vanishes!
PWNEDBlue/purple wall-like structure that explodes with a really cool BOOM (put fire on it and it all turns to pink circles and blows up).
PENDRIVEOdd inflow type thing.
POSFIMfairly slow exploding acid bomb material that peppers nearby objects with holes. Can be contained by BSF casings.
POHJFIMSame effect as POSFIM, but explodes instantly and with more fire. Useful for GodModing explosions.
PRUseful for bomb casings. Like regular powder, but solid.
PIHVery high-energy,but short range explosion.
PIHMFast-burning Mochi bomb.
PIHIMIJSimilar to PIHM, but cooler looking.
PEVery odd material, resists gravity, see main page for more info.
PLAYPowder that sometimes turns invisible!
PFJESUSBendy and vibrating Jet
PIMPSLAPLaser-like self-spawning substance that is unstable in even relatively small amounts.
PLIABLEAuto-exploding PE-bomb.
PAVEWeird, almost living material that moves and curls up on its own. Adding Mochi (MPAVE) makes it float, even though there's no gas in the mix! This also spins, if drawn as a single row of 10 particles.
PESWeird vibrating powder that floats after hitting anything
PENISA rigid that spams the room with enormous amounts of liquid.
PQIHighly explosive, self-multiplying liquid.
PEDOA crazy material, vibrates wildly, is explosive.
PSTHREEInstantly Vanishes.
PWISpawns powder. A powder outflow.
PWIGSpawns gaseous powder that can seep through gaps, but only works in a large clump.
PVVibrates uncontrollably.
PMEVMagical elastic self-vibrating, levitating thing. Explodes fiercefully when touched by fire/heater. Behaviour dependant on size
PURSolid Powder that you can control... makes levels easier to make, e.g. instead of using outflow to kill, you can use heater
VTMPIFJA high explosive material, good for nukes and can be solid enough for no casing.
PIGJFExtremely powerful explosives that explodes when spawned!
PPIGJFLike PIGJF but a gas that will cause a container to float, Burns like helium
PENSWeird material that once touched by anything and spawned as a big square, will ignore gravity and always move right.
PSFThe worm.
POEStarts jiggling rapidly all over the place, and is very active at every moment.
FIRETESTERString that spawns orange powder
RPGLCHA bubblish thing that explodes in 0.1 seconds.
PLAYSTATONA gray rice, which absorbs everything and explodes, when conacts with fire.

Viscous (V) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
VMJ"Lifegoo"; dump a liquid on this to make a swarm of flying bugs.
VQFTJOdd material. Cover the bottom with it, and drop random boxes of stuff on it. Rigid and Elastic are the funniest.
VENDINGa floating object that can self-spawn in long strings.
VMTActs like wet clay (VMTP acts like C4)
VTJA semi-liquid, semi-solid material that makes wind when it touches something. The wind can almost rip elastic, but it just makes cracks.
VOMITA Mochi-looking thing that can also be like outflow.The more you shake it the more it grows in size.
VORTEXBlack axis that spins and absorbs stuff.
VORTEXSJBlack axis that spins rapidly on its own and absorbs stuff.
VFIMMLight-Blue liquid that is flammable and spreads quickly when put in an enclosed area.
VFIOrange Mochi that jumps when spawned, Jumps even more when burning. Burns slowly (Best used in small amounts for maximum jump height)
VMGFloating Mochi that acts normally and the only difference is that it floats.(May be used for strange levels?)
VGIStrange, thick gas.
LOLWUTControllable rigid outflow.

Fuel (F) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
FLA light-blue liquid, when burning will turn sunny-yellow.
DF Liquid, blue fuel. Will turn pink when burnt.
ASDFGHJKLA weird substance spewing out fire, until it burns away.
FJWhen you set it on fire, it throws flames floating around the whole screen
FMCFMC is a blue solid that turns pink after burning and melts,similar to FLIKR but just melts instead
FISHSelf replicating lava
FOURCHANfire that dissolves itself... through fire.
FISHESLike FISH but lasts longer and occasionally splurts out material.
FIREWORKSLOLWUTlight it on fire, it wiggles around violently!
FE@A solid material that can spin around at variable speed depending on shape^^
FIGHTA burning long lasting gas
IFMMochi stuff that bounces around when it is on fire and spawns itself.
FLiquid propane, baby!
FIGHTSTARBurns once you draw it and it spawns more of itself.
FUTURAMALooks and acts like fuel, but burn it and it acts like retarded mochi.
FUJIVery bouncy flammable liquid that is user-controlled.
FLIKRLight blue solid that spawns a fluid that resembles light, both are EXTREMELY flammable, and burn VERY brightly. When burnt, some particles will be tossed in the air.
FRIENDLYGALA solid that spews a flammable, floating version of PLAY.
UHFWuser heater thing that burns itself can go off screen
FAILClear fuel. Spits under impact.
FAIKLike FAIL, but pink.
FIRESSpawns fuel, but is also rigid. Spews fuel up into the air when on fire.

FIREFLYMochi type substance that changes orange when burned.
FHILava that disappears slower, due to the Inflow part.
FWA free-floating fuel block that isn't effected by gravity.
FIWGA wall that spawns flammable gas but can itself be burnt up.
FIWA wall that sprays liquid propane but can burn up.
FCWA wall that looks normal, however will turn into LAVA when touched by fire!
FORDa weird, black, material that acts like fuel.
FROGsame as FORD, but floats and its grey.
FLIHMa Mochi that when in a large quantity impacts, it covers the screen slowly in a red explosion.
FUNHOUSELooks like fire, but also absorbs some materials. Extinguish it completely with water and it looks just like liquid outflow.
FAGGOTASSBITCHA flaming, mercury-like liquid. (created by xFinal_Judgmentx)
FUCKA liquid that can climb up walls and burn. This one has huge potential for user Levels.
FUCKYOUSnow-like substance that absorbs everything except fire, which it turns into on contact.
FLASHBANGSTUDIOSFlaming, user-controlled, gaseous Mochi of doom; fun to play with
FINALLYmakes yellow snow!!!!!!!!!!
FOXNEWSAll it can do is suck things up and burn. It is not affected by gravity.
FACEPUNCHImmediately burns up dot by dot after it is placed.
FEAn elastic like material that turns into a liquid when burned.
FUCKERBUTTS A strange grey Rigid-like fuel which burns. It burns like fuel with elastic. But fire will spread on different ways.
FLAMESWeird marchmallow-like blue string thing that becomes white, sticky and mochi-like when burning. Fun fact: User sticks a little to it, making it rideable in levels.
FUEL A light blue string material that burns like a wick.
FIRESends out liquid fuel, If burnt it turns into long lasting lava, Burnt inflow spits out more long lasting lava, Burnt inflow is used for come-out lava volcanos.
FKLiquid fuel.
FALLOUTGray flammable tensile.
FMIOHA Burning-mochi like thing, that if collide the sides, will explode more FMIOH. will cause a huge lag if a large amount hit the sides, as it causing a large chain-reaction.
MILFA mochi-like element when dropped from high will explode and replicate , beware the lag.

Fire (@) Edit

Fire is actually a compound materal, made of Fuel and Heater (FH).

Recipe code Material properties
@QExtinguished lava, emits smoke. A split second after being created it forms stripes made of smoke, lava and a wierd grey substance.
GTHYJUKILOMPMaterial that will instantly explode and cause massive amount of damage!!
GHFJMakes a wierd self-burning floting gas. Looks cool!
@IMakes a ridiculously dense non-flaming liquid that becomes about four times what one would expect it to.
FHILong-lasting lava.
FHQJSpawns a red gas that has a strange reaction with water.
NOTTHEIRFIRSTTIMEA strange material which stays compact until contact with other materials, at which point it stretches out and sets itself on fire.
HUse fire as base. Flamable liquid.
FUse fire as base. Like fire, but it doesn't consume itself over time.
FHRGTDGoodness gracious great balls of fire!
@VKthick, gloopy lava.
WANTAHUGOFDOOMA white material that emits fire and burns out eventually.
FHKFU controllable lava,good for imitating meteors in zero-g.
QE@IHeat bomb. Activates on movement or touch.
@PHONEOFDEATHAt first looks as a normal mochi(look at the recipe, there is no mochi), but when you heat it explodes like powder.
@MBROSI@a outflow mochi that pulls nearby mochi to stick with @MBROSI@.
@FP@PFa solid that does not pulled by gravity, burns immediately like fuel and pushes nearby things by spinning.

Cooler (C) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
SICKLEVery odd light gray material that explodes gray material.
WIOA wall that spawns liquid outflow.
COUNTERSTRIKEWeird gray material that spawns black particles. Can be contained by cooler and is user controlled.
CHA big blob that has the same properties of outflow. Very good at cleaning other materials (does not have the characteristics of an actual bomb).
CHQProbably the only substance that can either extinguish OR start a fire! When it's a gas, it can sometimes condense on its own just by touching itself!
CARLSBERGWeird floaty object, other objects go right through it (EVERY other object, even things like rigid), but fire will cut it up.
PEEEENIIIISIgnites fuel and powder, but condenses water vapour. Used in BLEACH, WATCH, DUTCH etc. Combine it with other materials for fun effects!
QUERCUSWeird cold solid that spins when you add itself to it.
CHUCKNORRISWeird gray blob which quickly turns red, spams red EVERYWHERE, and explodes on touch.
COLEOutflow that behaves like elastic, but absorbs everything except rice, elastic, brittle, and light.
COLALike COLE but absorbs everything except light
CIWA wall that sprays cooling fluid everywhere.
CIWGEmits a cooling gas that will condensate steam on contact.
CIWQEmits 'cold water' - it will condensate steam on contact, but when heat is applied to it, it evaporates.
CLUBPENGUINA weird blue block thing that explodes like a water nuke when flinged or touch by ground or anything, change the C to like w any mess around with it :D.
CUMSpawns water-like liquid which is made up from + (plus signs).
TJWCQIt's Ice! Note: Don't forget to put light blue color.

Heater (H) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
HFIMBEJA very "reactive" form of greek fire. Try making a thin vertical stick of it in gravity.
HFIMBEJGA very "reactive" form of greek fire. Try putting a stick of fuel on it.
HFIMBEJGA very "reactive" form of greek fire.
HFIMBEGreek Fire Bomb!
HFMEGreek Fire!
HIJKLMNOPAn element that makes a cool explosion
HFVDIViscous, self-replicating lava.
HANSELBurner powder (check the mix code, there IS no powder O.O).
HUGEASSWHALEA gas,Add IJ to the end to make it really destructive. Made by Joona1410.
HENTAIUber fireball
HYDROPHOBIAAlso spawns PLAY, but more violently.
SHITSelf spawning oddly acting red substance. has a viscous texture.
HFQSpawns both water and water vapor at the same time, but both are red.
HIWEmits red liquid that acts like fire except it never burns out. Essentially a lava inflow.
HIWFEmits fire but eventually burns itself out.
HIWGSprays a gas that causes anything flammable it touches to ignite.
HQAutomatically creates steam - in red!
HJFire that never burns out!
HUTINGA very thick Heater gas
HALFLIFEA Null-like material that duplicates in a matter of seconds.
HYNSPOLIexplodes instantly, destroying everything unflammable and burning everything else
HIMA Inflow that spawns lava!
SHUTTLELava/liquid heater nothing can float on it except light and mochi unless pushed down gas has trouble escapeing and never burns itself out.
HOLYFUCKBATMAN An extremely weird mochi-like gray burning strip.
FH a watery heater that burns quickly and brightly a kind of lava.
ITISHOT Heater as powder.
BABYOOH Water that burns fuel and powder, and melts elastic and brittle.
HELL Liquid Heater

Elastic (E) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
YETIElastic snow with inflow.
SHITCAKEcool heat effect; material will condense steam,ignite fuel & melt elastic but won't evaporate water
ERECTIONWeird bouncy, vibrating material. Sticky. (also explosive (powder))

EFElastic that catches on fire. It burns until a liquid extinguishes it.
EPPermenently wriggling elastic that explodes.It is funny.

EBGGravity defying pink elastic.
EPISTEMOLOGYExplosive, lighter than air material which emits a similar, sticky substance. Reacts strongly when thrown with force.
ESFGood bomb casing for POSFIM acid bombs.
ENVYWhite stringy material. If created in one large clump, it may float to the ground instead of fall straight down! If you reproduce some more ENVY over the existing clump, it may even become suspended in mid-air!
PENWorm having a seizure
EDINBURGHA floating bar that spawn liquid heater
PESA strange mixture that begins to float on touching the ground, and then rapidly expands
EPEENA elastic substance that violently shakes upon contact with anything
EPICFVILlike EPICFAIL but becomes immune to gravity after it touches something, explodes, isn't fully tested yet
EXPLOSION Selfly air detonating bomb that explodes when hitting H (heater) or @ (fire) elements, If big enough shapes the explosion of an exact mushroom cloud.
SMELLYASSVery sringy superglue, doesn't rip apart.

Dense (D) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
DUBSTEPNavy blue colored brittle. Shakes. Somewhat related to dubstep since it shakes?
DOOGGYLike Puli dog hair.
DJIMSticky fungis type thing, touch with user.
DAFFODILEnjoy the grey watery madness.
DUCTTAPESpazzy user material due to PE, and hence cannot be used in mochi-flying.
DUTCHControllable version of BLEACH.

DEVIANTARTstrange blue substance that is always surrounded in a layer of liquid. gets confusing with gravity off
DUTHGControllable, blurry (due to gas), clings to self and acts like a bubble. :D Anyone add more to this?
DUTHGFSame as above, but ignites and eventually dies out, basically a ball of controllable fire.
DUTHGJSame as above, only it doesn't die out. Note that the material burns, even though there is no Fuel or Powder in the recipe!
DAYQUILReplicating light blue snow.
DRAGONBALLAntigravity rigid that acts as a outflow.
DRINKABILITYMakes an icy thing that absorbs substances to gain elements.
DMTVRA blue solid version of MTV, makes great adhesive
DRMJExtremely odd substance. Inert usually, but when set alight begins bouncing and spinning with high energy. Flammable.
DIYHigh-power exploding laser.
DIFAFast-spawning dense flammable liquid. Inflow component seems to cause small quantities of the liquid to spit and jump when alight.
DERPA rigid that pops when touched by fire.
DILDOA liquid,which falls down and explodes.Made by Joona1410
DENSEA cube element, Gets cut into more tiny pieces if hit by lighting (heater or fire) elements, Some neither elements can cut this element too, But this connects back when other pieces hit from the cut pieces.

Light (L) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
LILOLots of outflow!
LIGHTA very hot gas. Will burn fuel and set powder on fire.
LOGANA gaseous form of outflow.
LOVEA gray movable elastic that acts as a outflow
LIGHTFUA material like the sun, a flaming ball of user controlled gas.
LGMFlying mochi
LJHGTorch gas
LIWInflow that makes light
LMslippier mochi
LEBwierd stuff that can break
LOLLiquid black hole
LOLWUTUser controlled outflow that floats and goes through wall.

Mochi (M) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
MHTerrorist! Sticks to the victim right to the very end.
MJIFMochi wich explodes when hit in large amounts. Flammable, good for bombs.
MILFHA self replicating fire mochi substance. If drawn with shape and dropped, it explodes. Very good for bombs.
IMLIKETOTALLYONFUCKINGCRACKWorks best with zero gravity. Starts spinning as soon as drawn as slowly increases speed. Is bumpier than drawn, and is very sticky.
MICHAELJACKSONVery strange material with totally destroying fire.
MTVAn odd, superglue-like material. Good as an adhesive.
MUSTANGA weird floating, controllable, bendy material.
MOTHERRed outflow that has the properties of rigid.
MACHTWOwill delete a solid thing that is destructible and sticking,heats the thing each deleting.
MHGLUWeird controllable Mochi that bounces and sticks to stuff, kind of like floating play-doh.
MOVILJust expands himself
MAIAHIHot mochi!
MILPale blue mochi that expands itself when it touches the ground!
MEGADETHLike MAIAHI, but anti-gravity. Very violent when it comes with contact with Jet.
METALLICAWhen you pick it up and move a few times, It sometimes explodes. If water touches it, it connects.
MOCHIstarts as a grey rod, but it becomes self reproductive mochi that destroys anything it touches. (does not destroy Mochi, cooler, or heater)
MADEOFWINVery strange fixed inflow. Becomes unstable when ignited, begins emitting flammable Mochi-outflow, sometimes at high velocity.
MASTURBATIONCreepy! It's a solid, but when you shake it with the move tool, it throws of liquid!

MJMochi And Jet Mixed Touch It With Viscous And Get Mini Flying BLue Saucers (Saucers Only Work On Windows Version Sorry Mac Users
M@IThrows Burning-Mochi everywhere, causing a heat devasation
MBKV A Material that can be used as a strong glue. (WARNING: This glue is VERY strong, do not put it in the wrong place!)
METEOR Acts Like Outflow. it absorbs almost everything. Except some impervious materials (Including IFM Fire) The IFM Fire can also stick through this. (WARNING: This Material also moves and absorbs everything at ground. Place this on some areas which has impervious material!)
MACHINE Dropping any substantial amount of this onto the ground will easily cover the screen in pink goo.
MEAT White elastic stuff that, when heated, will NOT light on fire, but will melt into white mochi.
MI@P Mochi-powder which sometimes grow huge by dropping them or dragging them. (Warning : May lags your computer).
MILF It is a blue smurry that expands when it hits the ground. and if it comes into contact with fire melts it away.
METEORG Floating material, Does react like METEOR, However this doesn't absorb any Gas-mixed elements, Even the original gas.
MR Mighty mochi, The element that doesn't get ruined by jet, However, Jet SPEEDS pushing speed because it is the cause by the Law of Interactions.
MINO Super Nuke.
MYDICK A blue substance that when contact with fire it turns into dark blue. Also self replicates.
MFPG Sticks to everything, but EXPLODES when lit. MFPGJ is very fun too.
MCDOLNADS Very weird outflow.
MOJANG Anti-gravity elastic stuff that absorbs everything.
MIOPBAn Acid nuke that spreads itself around randomly and absorbs everything..
MIM A self-duplicating Mochi.

|- |MYTL|| Best super glue and it look like super glue too.(help me add it to the table)

Snow (Y) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
STICKYSTUFFThe coolest material. blue vapor that turns to a blue/pink liquid when heaten
YECARABlue- water sticky substance
YPMakes a cold powder, makes a cool explosion
MOZILLAMakes brown white snow.When it moves it creates alo of snow(depends on how big it is).
YFExtremely flammable semi-solid.
YCSnow that is resistant to melting, and spawns liquid Cooler when it does.
YMCABlue glue (rhymes!)
YSENRITA very strange solid that spawns snow by default, but will start emitting a purple liquid when exposed to fire.
YARBFICHVolatile solid that spawns 'cold' fire.
YABRVICFQThis is an unusual blue solid that spawns a heavy blue gas. When the solid is touched by fire, it will start to spout a blue liquid from where the fire touched. The liquid has the unusual property that allows fire to touch it, and the fire turns dark as it does when it is put with water, and continue to burn for a VERY long time. The same for the gas, put it near fire and it spawns said blue liquid (but in smaller amounts).
YSPMCohesive, elastic, explosive snow.
YALooks like snow, but acts like null (No idea why). Note: It doesn't work with YN.
YAIBALike YA, however before melted, it acts like brittle.

Rice (K) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
FINGERYOURMUMWeightless glowing material that is flamable
RECIPECooler diposer matirial
KABOOMOdd, tensile but sticky substance. Think mozzarella!
KRISPYA strange solid that will shatter and reproduce when it hits the ground. Very flammable.
BAKERBERTRANDA wall that does nothing except for slightly change shades on collision.
KEGPink gas that bounces around, gas breaks it up, and sticks to elastic.
KILAMANJAROGrey material that spawns a gooey form of itself upon movement or impact. Is unaffected by all materials and goes absolute bat-shit when certain materials touch it.
EUse Rice as base. Impact-absorving liquid.
YR Cookable rice though too much fire causes it to go on fire and does not look like rice
KDPut into the water for a ground effect.

Gas (G) Edit

Recipe code Material Properties
GASOLINEStrange Liquid like gas that clones itself. acts like the water seen from above.
GIFTAn orange blob-like cloud that will slowly grow and burns slowly on contact with fire.
LGIFTLike GIFT, but is lighter, softer, and a nicer light blue color.
GAMERSome yellow stuff that spins like VORTEX but not absorbing everything
KINDERGARTENblue steam that organize in bublles/balls
BOWLINGBALLcool substance
GARRYSMODStrange substance. Floats, acts like GM/MG, and absorbs anything.
GLOBEAlmost the same as CARLSBERG.
GIANTENEMYCRABA blue, floating rigid substance that produces an inflow of a blue, floating mochi that can become frozen in mid-air if you drag it too fast.
GIFHFlying Fire!
GIFHNExplosive version of the above.
GOLDENSimilar to CARLSBERG, except it also absorbs some materials too.
GIFTOHA explosive bomb that blasts flames everywhere, and absorbs anything near the bomb.
GOHANStrange inert gas that absorbs everything.
GOTENA floating light blue material that absorbs everything and multiplies when in contact with the GOHAN!
GJEKAYLight blue material that repels fire and disappears when there are no similar molecules nearby.
GKECamouflage rice
GRFloating Rigid
CGIMakes blue exploding liquid
JG A mostly solid gas that moves sluggishly
FGA flammable gas, add H to the code and it starts on fire
FGHIEmits an infinite amount of flaming gas
FGHIOSame as FGHI but sucks in everything except fire
GASSYPENISLOLIf you draw a box, it will transform into an symmetrical figure, and if it's dragged, it will explode and act like liquid outflow.
GOGOPSIFA weird green thing that spews out more green stuff when touched
GDJVA very dense and heavy gas. (Can hold some water for a while.) It can hold brittle and some other materials for long, but dont put it on it too hard, or it will fly away.
GPBTTensile mochi gas ...
GT Floating Ball of Gas, Forms somewhat a tensile eating monster.
GHIJA bright-blue material that explodes on contact and pushes particles,It also self-replicates.Made by Joona1410.
GMAILFloating light blue material that sometimes exhibits tendril growth without any external disturbance!

Jet (J) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
PGISelf creating flamable gas. try hitting it with rigid then heater!
OIUFGJHMakes really good explosions
JIWCreates a liquid form of the "Jet" material. Make Mochi on top of it for an amazing show.
JARADDark blue/purple-ish liquid that makes the Rigid pieces bounce
JETPLANEAwesome explodable mochi with some properties of elastic.
J@MOrange play-doh. Put water on it for max awesomeness.
JAPENISSee for yourself. Huge lag.
JEWBACCAWall-like fuel. Very bouncy.
JONTBlack Tensile, reminds of nanobots eating Mochi.
MERSuperglue that rips under heavy weight, Try MERJMBOMB for a nuke product.
JACOBA liquid that absorbs most materials. Those that don't get absorbed bounce off it a lot.
JMA goo like mochi that flings any solid or liquid material around at high speed
JEWLOVER A black material, that absorbs most materials, like a black hole.

JHIGAn explosive substance that ignites instantly sending fire everywhere
JHGFA pierce-augmented bullet. Reacts violently with mochi, you could use mochi as case, to send it flying.
JFJet Fuel. Flammable, and reacts violently with mochi.
JOHNNYSmoke that instantly turns into lava that acts as outflow.
JELLOLike real jello, but a surprisingly stable building material.
mapenisuA controlable jet that if you put rigid on booth sides it will fly and olso if you hold up it will generate more off it self.
RUse Jet as base. Reacts just like Jet, but its liquid.
HJ Also known as lava jet. violently reacts with some elements (WARNING:This material can strip through weak non-solids! make sure to put these from solids or strong non-solids!)
BURN Reacts violently with Mochi.
J Use FUCKERBUTTS as the case. The Material will move in different ways. and then it might stick to the walls. Causing them to stop moving.
JELLOPUDDING Unassuming gray square, shoots out gray liquid in every direction incredibly violently when almost anything but fire is applied to it. Explodes when fire touches it.
|-JUNK | liquid jet fuel that reacts with everything containing powder and mochi.|-

|JUMGOEI|| Add JUMGOEQI and mix this together, and it explodes!


Inflow (I) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
IGO"nanite-plague" a dusty gray cloud that eats through everything except for gas, inflow and outflow.
ILEPWMakes a never-endeding fountain of blue powder.
ILEPWMakes a never-endeding fountain of blue powder.
IJHTry making a thin verticle stick of it in gravity try making and 2 lines of it cross.
HIWGSprays a gas that causes anything flammable it touches to ignite.
LIMTFUSelfReplicating blue mochi fuel. Pretty much sticky blue that catches fire!
SPUITAn explosive matarial that looks like snot.
XIONAbsorbs ANYTHING COMPLETELY, except Rigid Axis. Is a spout.
INFINITYCreates a bubble around itself, the pressure of which causes it to fall apart
XFIREA spinning inflow that spurts out an orange substance like orange juice.
IAMREALLYHOTGrey blob with red spikes. Like to chase around water. If recoloured, it could be the first OE-Cake puppy.
IDIOTA liquid version of outflow.
IOA black, liquid version of outflow that destroys anything it touches and forms a ridiculous amount of liquid for the amount you draw. It also has the same density as water. It kinda looks and acts like that black oil from the X-Files.
IWOAn inflow that shoots liquid outflow.
IHAn inflow that spawns crimson water.
IHRsame as IH. (Same colour still)
INGFloating gas that spawns quickly upon impact. Add other materials in the mix for interesting results!
IMBASomething like a mochi laser: spawns a lot of mochi upon impact. Could be used as traps in levels, but only on the floor, not on walls.
INGOTRapidly spawning cohesive deadly gas.
IOFPSpawns a explosive black substance
INFLOWInflow that shoots liquid outflow
IQWGInflow that shoots steam.
ITJWQCA Inflow that produces a rubbery substance. Solids bounce off it, and dropping Mochi on it creates a cool chaotic affect.
FAILBLOGExpanding Outflow with cool effect. ( You can change the output by changing the 'O')
FAILBLQPHard water that builds in strange ways.
URINEMakes a bar that produces a yellow liquid
THESILVERBULLETSelf replicating fuel. Is usercontrolled and vaporizes water.
ISEEYOUCrumbly and self-replicating blob
VOIDBlack Viscous liquid that destroys anything.
DARKVOIDSpews out "Void".
BLACKHOLEBurnt hot rice that eats through alot of stuff and really hates mochi(one dot takes alot of mochi away) and doesnt destroy rice".
IOJMQwhen it hits the ground it spreads around that demolishes anything in its path.
IFTHISISTOBURNTHESECONDLETTERISCRUCIALViolently burning blue substance that self replicates itself when moving.
IFHM Shape it on a straight line (Not thick and big but tall) to make a laser bomb. It gets laggy when it transforms into this form, Put some stuff there then it will explode, It will arm itself strong since its cloning itself, Solving why it lags.
OICW Spews a liquid form of outflow.

|- |TITFUCK|| Ocean-like blue liquid that replicates during movement.


User (U) Edit

Adding User as a component will make the resultant material user-controllable. For Example: UIDIOT, a controllable outflow.

Recipe code Material properties
UFCommon User for Levels. Burns.
UFHOUser Controlled fire
JESUSA meat-like user controlled substance, turns into a powdery substance when heated.

UWControllable wall that goes through anything, even the edge of the sandbox (as long as drain is off).
TUPOControllable blob that acts like outflow but burns.
UBEPControllable shape that explode when collide with anything,useful for non gravity levels.
EQUALSTHREE A gray rigid nonflammable substance that ignores gravity and can be controlled.
RUINGOA crazy blob you can control; gas destroys anything except WO.
QUEERFPermafrost which wont melt
UFOAn oil black, flammable fluid that can be controlled by the user and absorbs everything except for Fire, Fuel and User. Truly alien indeed.

Rigid Axis (X) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
XTREMISTAxis that spawns mochi around itself. Quite fun as a platform in levels.
AXISa rigid material invisible in the pandemonium it will create
XMASthink sticky al dente noodles.
XNDYWSOMA gray material that eats hard materials slow and gives a cool effect when fire is poured of almost like it carbonizes!!!
FIXATEA ball of element that spurts out more FIXATEs, If burnt it will dissipate into one ball of fire that can be turned.

String (S) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
SUSHILaser, very unstable at big sizes.
SLAPBehaves a little bit like PE, and without any elastic in the mix!(The cause is simply that string acts similiarly to elastic)
SAGEFloating elastic/string. melts when burned, but returns to solid when fire disappears. Can be pierced by rigid solids ( jet, fuel, rigid, etc.)
SPENCERLooks like cooler, but when in contact with heat, it dissolves into a pink liquid that behaves like powder, and then disappears.
SHITLava that never burns.
SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUSFloating purple stuff that duplicates itself and always turns into a circle-blob. Be sure to spell it right.
SALFENERGYA gas which turns fire white on contact.
SALTYMOVIENIGHT Anti Gravity, A Anti gravity Mochi Mixture.
STRINGRigid that spawns antigravity liquid that forms giant balls.
SCARFACEFlammable orange Rigid. It can be made a antigravity jet-propelled Rigid Axis if you spawn a line of it and then unpause, pause again and attach more of it to the ends of the stick.
STUPIDStrange mochi-like material
STAIRDISMOUNTWeird grey solid that spins like crazy on touch.
SMFGooey Fuel That is very cool when it burns
SHOOPDAFUCKINGWHOOPDOOPA ball of water if touched will start to spray water gas powder balls very cool
SLIPKNOTCool effect and it seems like it explodes itself.
SONICA gray, heavy, gooey substance spews tiny black blobs. The tiny black blobs quickly absorb any liquid.
SOPMODa bright pink goo that explodes like powder when touched by water.
SDAFSome sort of rubber band thing.
STEAMWORKSSolid fixed sticky substance that dissolves most liquids.
STRINGTHEORYBumpy gray solid, stays in place where it is spawned. Contact with anything causes it to explode into multitudes of gray bumpy gases.
SEMENstringy off-white material, kinda like semen.
SMJLike VMJ, but instead of fast flying dots its like worms.
SKIESA burning inflow, that spawns more burning tensile until the inflow burns itself.
SPERMINMYASSA violet material that spawns a liquid form of itself.

Null (A or N) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
ACACIASelf spawning cum (If you don't know, don't ask)
AMERIFAGSRigid axis that self spawns, is movable (use as an elevator?).
ANALSEXPut fire onto it and it seems to melt.
ABDEFGHIJKLMNOPJust after you draw that, it explodes like a firework!
ABDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYHas almost every element property. Very, very weird material! Simply exclude Axis from the mix to make it user-controllable.
AGILITYA burning cloud that often just sticking nearby.
NEKOOECAKEDestroys nearly anything it touches, even wall!
NIGGERRapidly spawning yellow powder.
MEPBizarre jiggly substance. Very flammable. Slides around if Jet added. Reacts very interestingly to J@.
J@Like a "super-jet." Reacts awesomely to Mochi. Very interesting when combined with MEP.
MEPJ@Flammable, jiggly substance that bucks off Mochi.
BAGOFEGGSA very, very weird material! Seems like a wall at first, but reacts very interestingly to different substances. Try Rigid, Mochi, and Fire. Once, I got Fuel to go through it. And is it...jiggly?
ITEMSilly string?
ITEMI Floating Fire.
SPONGEIt moves and explodes only when you touch it!
ASDFMOVIEWhen drawn in small amounts it spawns mochi-like goo when shaken or dropped. When drawn in larger amounts it reacts violently and spawns a lot of goo on contact with the floor or sides.
MUFFIN Explodes on impact.

Tensile (T) Edit

Recipe code Material properties
TLENOLElastic outflow that doesn't destroy mochi/elastic/brittle.
TVESPYVery odd material. Looks like chain if you draw with pencil.
TFOUG User-controlled flammable ball-shaped gas, that can "eats" everything, except what does it consist of. Oddly behaves with gravity
JQDTA super-heavy tensile.
VFHGAn odd, self-attractive burning gas.
TMJIOPAn bomb material similar to POSFIM, the explosion's size will depend on the mass. (Created by Joona1410)
PIOMFOSlightly green and transparent mochi that explodes.

Other stuffEdit

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