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OE-Cake! is a stochastic, two-dimensional physics sandbox that was a companion to the PowderToy and Algodoo (you may remember it as Phun), back when physics games used to be popular.

OE-Cake was one of the first physics sandboxes that could have solids, liquids, and gasses all interacting together, in real-time on your screen. OE-Cake can do water, fire, explosions, weight, friction, and pressure to name a few, and you can combine materials to create something completely unique. OE-Cake has some reasonably advanced physics and graphics options, especially for a game that is almost 10 years old.

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If you really want to help out, post OE-Cake videos on Youtube and talk about it on social networking sites, so that OE-Cake doesn't become lost! How many people will even read this? I hope enough that we find at least a few willing to contribute to the wiki, OE-Cake has so much to find.

Also, in an effort to discover how busy the OE-Cake community is, we have decided to implement a human-counter to determine what percentage of the page views are caused by people, and what percentage is caused by other internet beings such as bots, scrapers, crawlers, indexers, and who knows what else.

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Tuesday 8th of July
The OE-Cake Wiki has been created, and is ready to be edited by lots of people!

Saturday 9th May 2009
gdude2002 - Decided to help out with making this place work. Tried to get in contact with the owner.

Monday 11th May 2009
gdude2002 - Individual pages on each of the elements made. Now, I need to work on recipes. Anyone fancy helping out?

Wednesday 13th May 2009
Added loads of recipes that a friend on gave me. Added a page on the basics of OE-Cake.

Thursday 9th of July
Added articles about OE-Cake's View modes.

Thursday 23rd July
Around 114 Recipes so far. That's huge!

Saturday 11th September
The OE-Cake wiki has reached 100 articles! 
December 10th, 2015
The wiki has had an extensive overhaul! Make it worth it by spreading the word of OE-Cake!
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