OE-Cake is a physics simulation engine, designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Physicafe. It is powered by the physics engine "Octave Engine," which is one of the first engines able to have the ability to process water and other materials in real-time. The name OE-Cake comes from this engine; it's name therefore means "OctaveEngine Cake". Now, the trial period is over, so there are backup links everywhere. To download OE-Cake, see the Main Page.

OE-Cake and Phyzios Studio

Phyzios, Inc, who once was a part of Prometech Software, Inc, has started the development of a new physics simulator similar to OE-Cake. The new software goes under the name of Phyzios Studio and can be downloaded for free at the Phyzios homepage. It uses the same engine as OE-Cake with all the materials included. However, some materials such as Dense and Light have been removed. Instead, you can make a heavy version of water and color it however you want, just like the mixing mode in OE-Cake.

OE-Cake Debug Mode

the OE-Cake debug mode is a debugging module used in beta can only be used if the user has certain priveledges in OE-Cake.

Research is still going on about said subject but debug mode has pictures.
Oecake Debug Mode

OE-Cake debug mode