Mochi-Jet compound particles, simulation paused, Tensile compound particle circled

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 2.34.11 AM

The Mochi-Jet reaction

The Mochi-Jet Reaction takes place when any form of Jet and any form of Mochi touch, this includes the JM recipe but the reaction will only occur if JM touches another element. The reaction causes small compound particles to fly around chaotically, combining and recombining as they do so.

If 'drain' is activated, most of the particles fly off the screen, leaving a small number of compound particles that spin in a tight circle (although often there appears to be four particles, there is only one; this can be shown by pausing the simulation), creating the pinwheel effect and is almost like a pinwheel. Contact with a relatively small amount of material, especially solids, will cause the compound particles to destabilize and fly off in a random direction. Under some circumstances, other materials can become incorporated into the particles, giving them other properties.