*Note: For best results, set maxSpeed Parameter to 3 or more

In OE-Cake, a Compressed particle Gun is a gun that exploits the violent interaction between Compressed (Rigid based) particles, and some kind of Wall secured Rigid body to accelerate a super-dense (usually containing the mass of about 200~250 particles) object almost immovable by normal (non-Compressed) matter, to extremely high speeds, which in turn delivers immense energies into a target (when struck by a compressed Jet-Rigid particle, Elastic warps around the impact area in a very odd helical way, as if the projectile imparted most of its kinetic energy as Curl , and twists it in a strange pseudo-3d fashion, often warping the it to the point of being Spin-Charged Elastic, a state where the lattice like structure locally rotates, vibrates, and generally wigs out. Spin Charged Elastic also has an odd reaction with Viscous, sending it flying away from the Elastic at high speeds.


When a freely movable block of Rigid is hit by a compressed particle, it jets off, usually rotating wildly, sometimes sending the compressed particle flying off at a lower speed as well. However, when Rigid is secured by Walls, the compressed particle jolts the Rigid and is accelerated to extreme speeds. In this description, the Rigid would be considered the "pin" or "bolt", and the Wall is considered the "frame". A small 1 particle wide channel above the Rigid "bolt" serves as a reflective well (a good analogy would be a resonant gap or a waveguide) and a loading mechanism, and as projectiles fall, they clip against parts of the Wall and accelerate by vibrating at a high frequency between them (in the Blurred Circles view mode, long speed lines appear on any portion of Wall it contacts, which are oriented based on the angle that the projectile pushes against the wall). When the compressed projectile finally approaches the channel exit, the Wall's speed lines lower until they are parallel to the gun's axis, and the projectile exits the channel and clips the bolt, which acts to modify its trajectory, and possibly to further accelerate it.




Crosses view of a Compressed particle jetgun. Yellow is the Jet(+Rigid) projectile, Green is the Rigid pin/bolt, and the brown is the Wall frame

A Compressed particle (abbreviated as C-particle) gun consists of three components; the C-particle projectile (Rigid-based, so it stays together and doesn't explode in the gun), the fixed Frame made of Wall with a thin loading channel, and the Pin/Bolt, made of a Rigid-based substance (Elastic and String bolts fixed to walls can accelerate the C-projectile in even more exotic ways but due to the effect of Spin-Charged Elastic and String's erratic dynamics remain temperamental). Depending on the design, the C-projectile may not interact with the bolt, and instead derive all of its energy from the Wall clipping. Although this works somewhat, it's apparent that the projectile can move so fast, it can clip through occupied areas of the Sandbox without registering a collision.