Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 18.12.04

Material XOR being used to cut a complex radial shape

There are two ways to create perfect circles in OE-Cake:

Fast and Simple Way

  • Change lineWidth in the Parameters to the desired radius of the circle. Using the Brush or Replace tool, click and move the mouse very slowly until the tool activates.

Alternate Way

  • Using the material XOR, one can cut perfect circles out of a block of Wall. Create a block of Wall at least as large as the desired circle, then place a 5-wide beam of XOR, centered, in the block, as tall as the circle needs to be. If the circle is small enough you can drag the beam around with the mouse, but if it's too large you should replace a small section of the beam with XORJ, which should make it start cutting automatically. If you cut symmetric patterns out of each end of the bar of XOR you can create complex radial patterns or features such as an axle.