Jetless travel

A picture demonstrating the effect in-game.


A diagram of the Baker Drive

The Baker Drive is a type of reactionless drive in OE-Cake. The Inflow created propells the craft as if it were a regular inflow engine, but the outflow block removes all of the inflow particles.

How to make:

  • Create a rectangle of Rigid as seen in the picture
  • Delete a rectangle near the end, doesn't need to be very large
  • Use the Replace tool to Replace one side with RIG (rigid inflow gas) and the opposite side with RO (rigid outflow)

Why is it so special?

  • No particles come out of the engine, no exhaust = no lag
  • It is completely self contained
  • Can reach any maxSpeed set in the Parameters, but still keeps a high level of stability, more stable than Jet
  • Not very powerful, best used without Gravity (Unless Gas is added to make it resist gravity)