The Background Color (BG Color) is a setting in OE-cake that can be changed. It is useful when using a view mode such as Points to add contrast to make everything more visible. Changing the background color drastically affects the mood of a project.

To change the background color:

  • OSX: click the right color tab on the Tools box
  • Windows: click the "BG Color" button on the "Scene" tab
  • Background Image: create a solid color image of the color you want and set it as the Background texture
  • Parameters: the software way to permanently change a save's background color is to change these values in the Parameters:
  • These parameters represent the RGB values of the background color, but mapped between 1 and 0. If you want to translate RGB values into these values, the formula desiredClearColorValue = targetRGB/256 will give you the correct value for the clearColorRed/Green/Blue parameter. You must perform this calculation for each of the Red, Green, and Blue portions of the background's color.